Four whole days

So, I’ve learned a lot about gardening in just this year and a half I’ve been doing it. I learned that no matter how detailed my “map” is, I will inevitable have something happen so that the only way I can id a plant is to wait for it to get bigger.

I’ve learned that I love raised bed box gardens, because the moles can’t get to my plants.

I’ve learned that the second year is harder than the first, because you had a whole year for seeds (tomato, grass and trees) to ‘infest’ your garden.

The most important thing I’ve learned so far, is that my garden thrives best when I neglect it a little bit.

I’m very lucky to live somewhere that has moderate temperatures (plant-wise) most of the year. I’m also very lucky that aside from the very middle of summer, I usually get enough rain that I only really need to water when the plants are very young and so their roots don’t reach far enough down to take advantage of the moisture capacity of the beds. Even in mid-summer we get fairly frequent thunderstorms. Things generally go awry when I fiddle too much with the garden, or can’t work in it for several weeks at a time. Otherwise, it does most of the work for me.

Also, I suck at thinning plants. I say, “Oh, it can grow a little more, that way I can let the [lettuce, spinach, carrot] get just a little bigger before I eat it!”

And tomato plants are weeds. Straight out invasive evil garden hogging weeds. Except really really tasty.


2 thoughts on “Four whole days

  1. maloturp says:

    They may be evil, invasive, alien plant like creatures, but vine ripened tomatoes are SOOOO tasty that they should be granted a special “it’s OK to be evil and invasive” exemption to the alien zombie invasion thingy.

    • beccalady says:

      They absolutely get the exemption! I planted 6 more this year. I probably wouldn’t have actually purchased the Roma’s and cherries if I’d known they were going to magically reappear this year! Started a couple of “better boy” plants this year, too!

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