Inhuman Kindness

I am a zoo keeper for an AZA accredited facility, for you folks who don’t actually know me. I am also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Today was a banner day all around. This morning, I got a lovely view of my two fox kits. They are almost 5 weeks old, and developing their stunning adult markings. It’s going to be rough saying bye to those two, but as fast as they’re “wilding up,” they’ll be more than happy to leave humanity far behind!

Paul drove me to work, even, so he could help me tonight.

When I got to work, things went really smoothly, which is great, because I had stuff to do tonight. I’ll get to that later.

I’m at work, when my coworker texts me with, “Come to front of building if you want to see baby beavers.” I literally put whatever was in my hands down. I honestly don’t remember what it was. Then I started heading over as fast as I could.

This next paragraph is potentially gross.

This man had watched the car in front of him hit a beaver. He pulled off the road and saw that it was a female with enlarged teats. He noticed that she wasn’t producing milk, and saw the babies moving in her belly. He put the dead mom on the back of his truck, performed an emergency c-section and rescued her entire litter of six 1-2 week premature baby beavers. He tied umbilical cords, cleared their airways, got them breathing and cleaned them up.

He did a fantastic job. And then asked if we knew a rehabilitator who would take them.

My wildlife sponsor is a beaver specialist and jumped at the chance! And as cute as they are, I wished I could!

To top it all off, after work we drove a ways away to return to someone’s home who had brought me a bat in January. I got to climb a really tall ladder and release my first bat into the wild! It went great!

Now I am totally exhausted. But very very happy.


2 thoughts on “Inhuman Kindness

  1. Gator Woman says:

    Bless you for what you do for ” those with no voice.”
    It will come back to you ten fold~

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